There are many Teeth Whitening kits that do not sell the portable LED light and claim to work just as fine. So why would want one with the light, you may wonder.
At Xtreme Teeth Whitening we offer the Home Kit with and without the light. That is because you may have done your whitening before, at the dentist office or with Xtreme Teeth Whitening at one of our mall booth locations. In this case, you may want to just maintain your treatment by using your home kit once a month and may not need the light.
The LED light is an accelerator. It helps to create a faster reaction which allows the gel to work better and by using it you may need fewer treatments.
It is important to know that what does the Whitening is the Peroxide Gel and not the LED light. Many people think that the “blue light” is what is causing their teeth to whiten, but this is a misconception.
Information is power, and that is why us, from Xtreme Teeth Whitening Family, believe that it is important to be transparent and informative about our product and the whitening industry.
We are a company that you can trust!