With over 7 years in the Whitening industry, Xtreme Teeth Whitening has reached out many people and changed many lives. It may sound a bit over the top. But changing someone’s smile can really change their life, and this is exactly the feedback we’ve been receiving.
The words of appreciation we have encountered from going to trade shows and seeing our clients that every year come back to see us is amazing. It makes it all worth and gratifying.
We have whitened people’s teeth in Ohio, Colorado, Washington DC, Michigan, Memphis, Nashville, and so many other states.
Xtreme Teeth Whitening also has 2 physical locations in the State of Florida. Both located on the busiest malls of the state, we have been able to consolidate ourselves as an international company. Our clients from Europe, South America and other areas come to see us every time they visit the state and they love it.
Xtreme Teeth Whitening has the experience and knowledge that only a company that has been on the market for so many years and has served people from so many different countries can have.
Our employees strive at assisting our clients to properly do the whitening, as it is a self-help procedure, and our structure is design to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable.
It is a pleasure to serve you!