It is all about results.

It sounds obvious, but getting results is a topic worth discussing.
Evidently, if you decided to commit yourself to getting your teeth whitening, be it at the dentist office, one of our kiosks or getting our Xtreme Whitening Home Kit, you want to see results and you want it to be significant. So do we.
There’s nothing more gratifying for us than to dramatically change someone’s teeth from yellow to super white. But the reality is that this is not always the outcome, and sometimes that’s ok.
If you have sensitive teeth, if you have a strong case of calcification, or if you are allergic to peroxide, the constant use of the gel is simply not great for you. You can still do it once a year and get some results. But the expectation that your teeth will drastically change is simply unrealistic in some cases.
As a company, we truly believe that cleaning up the intense yellow and getting a brighter smile is worthy. Many dentists do too. But in cases like this, comparing your results to others, especially celebrities, will cause frustration,
Another point is that Teeth Whitening is a procedure that removes the yellow stains from your teeth, but it cannot change their natural color.
We are here to give you the best results we can, always!