​How does Xtreme Teeth Whitening Guarantees Quality?

​Quality assurance is ​one of the most important values for any company. Xtreme Teeth Whitening is not different.

​As a cosmetic product, teeth whitening has different results for different people. It dependents on genetic traits, on eating habits and  ​many other factors. ​How, you may ask,  can we as a company guarantee results ?
​We do not charge per treatment. Some individuals may need as little as a 20 min sections. Others may need to come back for a third visit. ​We understand people have different needs and we want to accommodate them.
​With our Home Whitening Kit​ there’s no reason to worry with not having enough treatments to see results. Each of our gel tubes comes with enough for 10 applications and the LED light. You are set for good results as long as you use it properly and consistently. Go here to see a video on how to use the Home Whitening Kit.