Xtreme Whitening is a recognized leader in the teeth whitening industry. We are a family owned, and family-oriented teeth whitening company, and have been since we began in 2008.

Our goal is to provide safe, high quality products that are easy to use by anyone. We have whitening the teeth of over 50 thousand people all over the USA. Our products are 100% safe and not harmful to the teeth with zero sensitivity.

Our product is amazing because it gives people the ability to take care of the door of their soul, which is their smile. With our Xtreme Whitening Home Kit you can do that in the comfort of your home. Our product has the right components to give you fast results and 100% safety. Having a brighter smile makes you feel more confident and positive about yourself and in consequence it changes your life. We guarantee results and that’s why in one Xtreme Whitening Kit you have enough treatments to brighten your smile regardless of what is the shade your teeth is now. Seven years in the industry and thousands of satisfy clients illustrate our success!